Established and emerging scholars

640x427xwelcome,P20full,P20,P281,P29.jpg.pagespeed.ic.7ebAQBDOrCEstablished and emerging scholars are invited to participate in the Alkan USA Bicentennial Conference, held November 9, 2013 at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. We are honored to host two keynote speakers: Dr. Hugh Macdonald, Avis Blewett Professor of Music at Washington University in St. Louis, and Prof. Mark Kroll, Professor Emeritus at Boston University.

This one-day conference will feature performances, lecture-recitals, and paper presentations on Alkan’s life and work. Interdisciplinary proposals from pianists, instrumentalists, composers, musicologists, historians, linguists, and researchers in a broad field of humanities are welcome.

You may download a Microsoft Word document of this Call for Papers, Lecture-recitals, and Performances here.

I. Papers
Paper topics may include any subset of Alkan’s music and musical culture, and will last 15 minutes with a 10-minute question and answer session. A $200 cash award will be given for the best graduate or advanced undergraduate student paper.

II. Lecture-recitals
Lecture-recital proposals are particularly welcome. The conference seeks to include as many live performances as reasonable involving both amateur and professional pianists and musicians. Topics can highlight a specific piece or group of pieces, make comparisons with other piano composers, offer new transcriptions for chamber music settings or include original compositions inspired by his music. Lecture-recitals will last 20-30 minutes with a 10-minute question and answer session. A $200 cash award will be given for the most creative lecture-recital.

III. Performances
Recital performances are invited. The conference seeks to highlight Alkan’s wide range of compositions, from a one minute Prelude to a virtuosic etude. Accordingly there is no age limit or audition to participate in a recital and pieces do not need to be memorized. Solo, duet, and chamber performances are all encouraged, as well as original chamber music transcriptions and Alkan-inspired compositions. There is no formal competition, but two (2) $200 cash awards will be given to the two performances that are heard to most closely align with the spirit of Alkan’s music. Many of Alkan’s compositions can be heard online for free at and downloaded for free at,_Charles-Valentin.

Safety and concerns about Homeopathic HCG

The HCG diet has been well accepted by the weight losers around the world because they have proven to be quite effective. Plus, it has reduced people’s grocery budgets – all in all you have to consume as much as 500 calories of lean meats, vegetables and fruits throughout the day. So imagine your costs.

We know there are questions about the prices of HCG drops as well, but the Homeopathic HCG drops are not as much costly as the injections are. Plus, you don’t have to buy an entire injection kit all the time. You can just consume the HCG drops once or twice a day as instructed by your physician and remain energetic.

Facts about HCG drops

Dr. Albert T. Simeons made a research upon this hormone upon finding out that this hormone was effective during women’s pregnancy and the results turned out to be positive. Since then HCG drops were being used by people around the world to make a proper weight loss during their dieting. In fact, this whole concept of dieting with HCG drops came to be known as HCG diet.

If you are concerned about the safety of this diet, you will be pleased to know that HCG is approved by the FDA. It is completely safe to use for weight loss. If you want more proof, the FDA approves the use of hormones in large doses for the treatment of fertility. So have no qualms about using a hormone for weight loss, it is completely natural.

Use Chamfering Machines to Smooth the Edges of Stones

To smooth the stone of your kitchen top, you will need a portable chamfering machine. For beveling all the edges into a smoother surface even for materials, such as, graphite, fiber, marble, etc, you will need this machine. These portable machines are different from the industrial machines used for heavy duty metal works. Wherever you want to bevel any surface, depending upon the volume and thickness of the surface, you will need to choose your machine for beveling. You don’t have to hold this machine at a certain angle while beveling, as you can adjust this angle before starting the work and just move the machine through the edge of the stone through this angle.

These portable machines are handheld and come with a chord of the length seven meters. The spindle speed of these smaller machines is usually four thousand rotations per minute. They have a wheel for grinding the rough surface into a smoother one. They have a metallic grip to hold this machine at an angle. They also have a part that can adjust the depth of the bevel that can be made. It also comes with a protective cover.

Hire the best dedicated server to increase uptime

As an owner of growing business, you may be thinking of acquiring your own server, but that’s not easy. The management of a server is very technical and challenging task. Firstly, you need large space to manage your server and must be kept away from moisture and in a climate controlled environment. Hence, it is difficult to arrange space for servers by small or medium size businesses. It is viable solution to hire cheap dedicated server where you are free of arranging adequate space and controlled climatic environment. If you are a dedicated server, you would be provided with all the services to manage the server. It becomes the responsibility of the hosting company to keep your server secure, arrange space, and ensure that extreme temperatures, condensation and other environmental conditions do not damage the server.

Hiring of cheap dedicated server is a good investment for your business. It offers great advantages to you. You can focus on your business objectives and leave the rest on the server providers. It allows you to save money by providing low cost servers and varied server plans designed to suit your needs and budgets.

If we compare the benefits of dedicated server over shared hosting, we can draw out marking differences.

  • Full administration access- If you are using shared hosting, you do not have the privilege to have administration access. But, under dedicated server, you have full administration access where you can install programs, make configurations and manage usage of server resources.


  • Reliability- The shared hosting plans are reliable but dedicated servers offer additional reliability. It is logical that under a shared hosting plan, you have to share the space with other websites. But if you have a dedicated server, you have complete access to the resources that keep your website running. It allows you to increase the uptime and have full control over the resources of the servers.


  • Technical support- With dedicated servers, you are offered value added services such as proactive monitoring and endless customer support. You seek support from expert and trained professionals who would manage your server and solve problems immediately. You can avail information about any updates or problems such as troubleshoot issues, change of setting, uptime issues, website updates and other problems from the trained professionals.


To choose between a dedicated server and shared hosting plan, it totally depends on your scale of business. Hence, you must analyze your needs, budget, web traffic and other factors to choose the best plan for your business.

Get quality CBD oils

The medicinal plant cannabis generally contains two types of ingredients; THC and CBD. These ingredients are available in the form of concentrated oils which have high medicinal values. They can be extracted from the plant and can be used for medical treatments. It also gives best results for damages that happen to the body. However, the combination of the two give perfect results for treatments, it is quite difficult to get THC due to legal problems. The high quality CBD oil is now availed by many firms to help the people to access them easily. Customers should be careful in selecting the firm availing quality oils since it is the matter concerned with your body.

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The medical experts in the CBD Oils UK firm extract the required compound from the plant in the correct proportion to facilitate effective results. Wide ranges of products at affordable prices are offered by the firm to satisfy their customers. Details regarding the contents and mode of usage are also given along with each product to help the customers. People who like to order their productonline can visit thecbdoilsuk website and make their order by mentioning the requirements.


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How can business organization benefitted from translation services

In today’s global economy, it is the desire of every business organization to spread their business internationally. Thus, it is very natural that no business organizations want to lose their clients due to the absence of proper translation services or failure to communicate with them in any other language. Thus, the demand of translators and interpreters are increasing day by day. Even a simple confirmation of order may require translators so that a customer from any other countries, who speaks a different language, is able to communicate with a company who does not know the language. Thus, for business companies who are not bilingual, it is really important for them to hire a translation services agency to help them in different transaction process, documentation and preparation of reports.

The activities of a translator can be required at any industrial sectors and this would definitely benefit them. The present industrial statistics suggest that, regarding the online business, the need for offering translation for their website content has increased to a huge extent and these trends will continue to increase as the business organizations target for global reach. The reputed translation services offer a variety of languages and language combinations. In addition to the popular languages, like French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Polish and Italian, the translation service companies, will also offer less widely used languages like Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Urdu, Hindi, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Arabic and many more. Most of the professional translators are linguists who are able to translate in more than two languages and also they are able to translate in a variety of combinations. The business organizations must ensure that every message is understood by their clients and at the same time they are able to provide the proper feedback to their clients after receiving any message in their own language.

The Future of the Picture Frame

Five decades ago, children envisioned that the dawn of the new millennium would be populated with flying cars and humanoid robots who would act as maids and servants to living, breathing humans. As the saying goes, the future is not what it used to be.

On the other hand, the future (or more accurately, our past) has changed dramatically. Almost everything has been supplanted by technology, and especially by computers. The telephone is no longer a telephone (now called a landline) but a mobile which can be carried and used virtually everywhere. Newspapers are rarely newspapers now, but are found online. We still get monthly bank statements but they, too, are found online, not in print.

The picture frame is still the picture frame. After all, how else will you frame your valuable Monet or cherished family photo? However, even in this regard, technology and computers have made inroads. Most photos now are not film photos but digital photos. In addition, there are various software programs that allow the creation of fantastic art, limited only by the creator’s imagination and capabilities. These photos and art can be uploaded to or remain on the computer. In all cases, though, they can be enhanced with a frame.

Digital frames are to photos and art what Kindle is to books. These frames allow the portability of thousands of photos. Yet, just like a traditional picture frame, it is often found in one location, such as on a desk at work so that the employee can see a photo of the family. Most such frames allow many photos to be shown continuously in a slideshow format, and to have them shown in landscape or portrait.

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Best peptides in the UK

One of the most popular and widely known, naturally occurring biological molecules is the peptides. The amino acid monomers linked by the peptide bonds to form short polymers is known as the peptides. Proteins are different from peptides only with respect to their size. A complex protein normally has 50 or more monomers while in a peptide, the number of monomers will be less than 50. With the help of strong peptide bonds, these monomers are tightly packed. In the human body, the peptides are present in various forms. A lot of metabolic activities in the human body need the presence of peptides. In the UK, peptides are gaining more popularity like that of proteins. A lot of companies are providing peptides, UK.

The peptides are mainly used in bodybuilding products and anti-ageing creams. Like proteins, the peptides are also having various positive effects on the growth of the human body and muscles. After the application of the peptides in the external skin, it will get absorbed by the skin and helps to reduce the patches and wrinkles present on the external skin. It also helps to remove the oiliness of the skin surface by providing a protective coating over the skin surface. The peptides are also having antimicrobial effect. It completely removes the bacteria and fungus present on the skin surface.

The peptides, UK products are also used for sweetening purposes because they are almost 200 times sweeter than the sugar. One of the most popular and widely known online stores that supplies peptides, UK for lower costs is the buyghrppeptides. More information and details about the peptides will be easily available from the buyghrppeptides website.You can use the chat facility provided on the website or the toll free telephone service to get instant help and advice from the customer care representative at any time.

Medical appointment reminder systems

The patient no shows at scheduled medical appointments are a major concern for healthcare providers since it cost them a lot as a waste of time and financial loss. The number of rate patient nonattendance has been increasing over the years. This scenario can adversely affect patient who needs immediate medical treatment. Healthcare providers and doctors are trying to reduce patient nonattendance using different methods.

Notifying patients over the phone or by SMS for an upcoming scheduled appointment can be an effective method to reduce patient no shows. However, staffs need to find time and work for notifying patients. Automated medical appointment reminders can work efficiently and are widely used by doctors and healthcare providers in order to reduce patient no shows.

An automated medical reminders system can remind patients about an upcoming scheduled appointment via email or SMS. Thus avoiding staffs spending time on the phone to remind patients. It can also improve the communication between doctors and patients.

DoctorConnect medical appointment reminder system is one of the leading automated medical reminder systems. The system helps doctors to send customized reminders based on individual requirements. DoctorConnect can send appointment reminders through SMS or email. It can also perform after care surveys and no show management. The system can be implemented along with an existing software system. DoctorConnect medical reminder system takes the doctor patient rapport to a new level, hence more care for patients and efficient running of the healthcare provider. More information about DoctorConnect can be found on the adtelusa website.

Services of ophthalmic equipment from global DSR

Global DSR is a firm having outstanding reputation with their services in selling ophthalmic equipment. You can get used and fresh products easily from the firm that will have good quality. The best quality equipment can help you get perfect analysis of eye. Doctors and ophthalmologists often need more ophthalmic equipment for providing assistance to customers. The Global DSR website offers good assistance to people with the quality equipment. You can visit the globaldsr website and see the various different types of equipment offered there. The website is a great help for people who need the service of the firm.

The Global DSR firm provides outstanding products and services to customers with 100% customer satisfaction in mind. The firm strives to provide trusted service that can help them create a long lasting relationship with the customers. The globaldsr website will give you better details about the services and products from the firm. The gallery and articles in the website will help you know more about the firm. You can also get reviews and testimonials from prior users from the website. You can contact the customer care executive through the toll free number offered in the website and solve any problems you are facing.